minecraft manhunt vs a TERMINATOR
today we play minecraft manhunt vs an actual terminator

datapack master for this legend

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  • Socksfor1

    i just realize this is a perfect mod for people with no friends

    • This Fake999
      This Fake999

      I feel attacked band yet happy

    • Isabelle Collazo
      Isabelle Collazo

      That me

    • Bro's World
      Bro's World

      So this is for me

    • Epic_ Gamer
      Epic_ Gamer

      Is for me 👉👈🥺

    • I do videos
      I do videos

      I’ll download it then

  • Ahmed Aliyu
    Ahmed Aliyu


  • CreeperGamer 53
    CreeperGamer 53

    I will mine up yes 9:15

  • Caitlyn_SupriseYT

    I just saw the terminator hold a diamond pickaxe lmao how-

    • Caitlyn_SupriseYT

      And btw I love that socks said "RIGHT WHERE I'M BURNING" LMAO I LOVE IT

  • Blue Otter
    Blue Otter

    Blazza's betrayal, someone make a song off that

  • Christopher Erwin
    Christopher Erwin

    44 23=67 shots

  • iSADi_flow LMFAO
    iSADi_flow LMFAO

    Alternative Title: Minecraft, But the Terminator is on Steroids

  • Felix McKinney
    Felix McKinney

    Blaza in the bushes : 🤫

  • Monika Talkowska
    Monika Talkowska

    Socks is now dreem

  • Dorian Barss
    Dorian Barss

    Terminater: Minecraft Fate

  • Aaron Chen
    Aaron Chen

    4:14 “I’m feeling much more confident now. Literally five seconds later: *screaming* HE’S HERE, HE’S HERE”

  • mr sherlock gaming
    mr sherlock gaming

    how did he go so much pearls hmmm

  • Cleanify

    Is nobody talking about the huge portal at 3:30?

  • XGplays

    0:43 wait is BB behind you?

  • skelly cube
    skelly cube

    Blaza is just like as well i am the hunter and youl never kill the ender dragon mean while ah yeah we did it

  • Zafwan2k

    7:36 18 ender pearls lol

  • Aline Khalifa
    Aline Khalifa


  • ItsNufi

    the speace ship in the utro is kinda cosey

  • DivineGraceV. DelMundo
    DivineGraceV. DelMundo

    I love it when socks for 1 is shouting its so cute for me

  • Johannsen My Story
    Johannsen My Story

    The achievement for killing the terminator is [Hunter Hunter]

  • Axczzhel

    This guy is funny, he should collab with SockShorts

  • Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch
    Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    I like how he did the whole raft story in one day

  • Munch

    L4FF is still better L4FF > 🤖

  • That_aquatic_gamer

    this has 696k views when I came

  • Luuk Derks
    Luuk Derks

    WoW dream manhunt music haahhaha

  • Hoxmor

    Hi sock I love ur vids:)

  • The daily Doge
    The daily Doge

    Psssst I’m rare doge I’m here to quiz who is reading this ok here is the quiz so find 🖖 ✋✋✋✋✋✋ ✋✋✋✋✋✋ ✋✋✋✋🖖✋ ok I’m done now

  • Gaze The gamer
    Gaze The gamer

    I know that I am three weeks late but if anybody start to say that he copied dream we don’t care if he copied dream

  • Ibrahim Kaleem
    Ibrahim Kaleem

    The longer the hunter stays on earth , the stronger he becomes.

  • judy gibson
    judy gibson

    Minecraft Manhunt but what but wherever the hunter step it turns to fire

  • Tricky the clown
    Tricky the clown

    i just came here and see 666k views. I feel like satan is watching me.

  • Shaun Leander Bautista
    Shaun Leander Bautista

    Do another one but with more people.

  • Faggget Paul
    Faggget Paul

    Those ended pearls came suspiciously quick

  • Krishna Gupta
    Krishna Gupta

    A that’s not fair 3 speed runners 1 hunter bruh

  • 𝚂𝚒𝚖𝚙 ✔️
    𝚂𝚒𝚖𝚙 ✔️

    Blaza switched sides at the end because he had no hope in his friends 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • 死 G̸o̶ᴅ ✔︎
    死 G̸o̶ᴅ ✔︎

    Alternate title: three idiot trying torun away from a weak robot

  • Chee Foongho
    Chee Foongho

    When you try to copy dream but you have 2 friend and you don't know how you gonna do and just add a op ai

  • Patricia Chrissanty
    Patricia Chrissanty

    Subnautica manhunt

  • Deniz in Oyun Kanalı
    Deniz in Oyun Kanalı

    Mod link PLSSSSSSS????

  • Michael Petties
    Michael Petties

    The ender dragon is a she

  • Michael Colon
    Michael Colon

    Socks you such i hope you get banned from doing dad jokes hope your channel lives forever

  • Iqram Khairuddin
    Iqram Khairuddin

    Sockfor1 how about all of your friend and you see what under the water on Minecraft

  • Jaqueline Dominguez
    Jaqueline Dominguez

    this video is awsome

  • Renee Dennison
    Renee Dennison

    Sockfor1 more like SOCKSFORRUN

  • Salmon

    armour stand

  • Venom Rex
    Venom Rex

    Astalavista baby

  • Skyler Bolles
    Skyler Bolles

    Socks could you do a minecraft man hunt were blaza and laff are the hunters your the runner but it is every time you break a block you telport

  • Rene Kesait
    Rene Kesait

    The robot mod is not working when teleporting to The End Realm, so they decided to make Mr.Blaza the Terminator

  • Luca Robens
    Luca Robens


  • Gaming Time
    Gaming Time

    I just realised , this could of been a really good speedrun, without the bot he could of got a sub 20

  • Ian Does Gaming
    Ian Does Gaming

    In 1.17 all you need for a mob head farm is a lightning rod a biome with high chances of thunderstorms and a flint and steel

  • Heidi Slone
    Heidi Slone

    Me when I hear the game over screen from botw/breath of the wild:*insert meme* OMG :0

  • Sigurd Dyhr Vestergaard
    Sigurd Dyhr Vestergaard

    Why does he keep spam clicking when it does more damage to recharge the axe

  • Joshua Formanek
    Joshua Formanek

    This isn't AI it's just Dream with a different skin and xray

  • John F. Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy

    Socks to his friends: “Some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice, I am willing to take”

  • hawks


  • IdkBoi

    "This guys an armorstand with a skeleton head" -Tbhhonest, 2021

  • Jull Elle
    Jull Elle

    Socks: it's time for bowling chives. Blaza: i hate bowling chives. Tbh: what's bowling chives

  • Raf Tansuke
    Raf Tansuke

    3:22 I have been waiting

  • Austin Dirks
    Austin Dirks

    there is new Subnautica game out its called Subnautica below zero

  • BluPlays

    It hurts that I saw socks spam clicking with an axe

  • Jester1219

    Anyone else realize that there was 18 eyes of ender in one stack?

  • ronnel rivera
    ronnel rivera

    Botw game over screen

  • Bad Lime
    Bad Lime

    Terminator vs the wither

  • Shea HW
    Shea HW

    1:52 *dream manhunt music starts playing*

  • The Gary
    The Gary

    He copied dream

  • ManateeGuitar

    Dudu du dudun DUDU DU DUDUN

  • Kazuema

    Day 8 of asking for 1200 days of modded hardcore minecraft

  • Toby Proffit
    Toby Proffit

    3:52 😂 lol

  • Deadcastiel9 xbox name Toga simp
    Deadcastiel9 xbox name Toga simp

    That for me 😢😭😭😭

  • Milan

    Ive been not watching you for months but now i am here again and youre face is so different

  • WGL Squad!
    WGL Squad!

    Idk abt u guys but I want the modded hardcore survival back from the beginning as he knows most of the modd he could survive easily

  • Malik Mohamed
    Malik Mohamed

    that is a word record

  • Arazat Williams
    Arazat Williams

    I miss his random crafting series

  • Elite_Specialist


  • Ty and Mikey
    Ty and Mikey

    Hunter be like- BEEP BOOP YOU ARE POOP

  • Nicholas Parker
    Nicholas Parker


  • Banned

    Socks got a completely empty end portal and the chances of that are 0.9^12 which is a 28.2% chance SHEEESH

  • Jack Schneider
    Jack Schneider

    lol i love has it says cheats LOL just cheats.

  • Videogamevaughn

    Play gorilla tag

  • Hrik Das
    Hrik Das

    Socks this day must be your favourite day 15th may

  • Cameron Ward
    Cameron Ward

    I did it I finally did it the Friday funkin with the anime girl I win hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Daniel STEWART
    Daniel STEWART

    Wtf it’s my btrthday

  • Lab of Animations
    Lab of Animations

    Do u hear music?? 8:39

  • ItzNightEye

    Subnautica below zero is here get some mods for it pls and try to beat it in 24hours

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner

    What is the chance of finding a stronghold without eyes of ender? Cause i did it

  • Jake's Bricks
    Jake's Bricks

    Hey when is the golden coin merch coming back because "life is a chance" (From the back of the shirt) and it feels like i missed that chance 😥

  • Witherking

    How does he get so many ender pearls

  • Daniel Anorue II
    Daniel Anorue II

    Socks for 1 2021 I’m going to mine up

  • Vera Hoenen
    Vera Hoenen

    1200 days in Minecraft hardcore

  • Issei Ddraig21
    Issei Ddraig21

    Socksfor1: *Explaining the details* Blaza: What if I hide behind this Tree The Terminator: Seems Legit..

  • lane young
    lane young

    Socks please make a 24 hours subnautica below zero

    • lane young
      lane young

      I dont watch his streams

    • lane young
      lane young


    • DRDDR8 BG
      DRDDR8 BG

      And will make a video

    • DRDDR8 BG
      DRDDR8 BG

      He streamed it

  • neeta nagotkar
    neeta nagotkar

    Blaza see s that they win :blaza ya we win

  • half ender half ghast
    half ender half ghast

    Socks is like tommy in the disc war, technoblade is tbh and the hunter is dream and blaza is the useless blocks laying around

  • Carlos Rosado
    Carlos Rosado

    sad thing is that he missed the bastion at spawn of the nether 5:27

  • Mr S.N.S
    Mr S.N.S

    10:21 YOU BETRAYED US BLAZA!! Rank: the betrayal

  • Claw 737
    Claw 737


  • LorTheGamer

    3:22 dream speedrun music starts

  • vlog maria hotgirl beautiful
    vlog maria hotgirl beautiful

    Sova in Valorant : I am the Hunter Blaza : I am a Hunter Robot in this video : Are you kidding me ?

  • Dobo Bob
    Dobo Bob

    Good idea