minecraft but you can craft a golem OUT OF ANY BLOCK
today we play minecraft but you can craft a golem out of any block


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  • Socksfor1

    we back on the daily grind hopefully xd

    • Gachasex Filly
      Gachasex Filly

      Can you send me a friend request on discord?

    • Gachasex Filly
      Gachasex Filly

      Can you try and do among us but you download every single mod of all time?

    • Gamer guy
      Gamer guy

      Laff got 6 I got 4 I am at your door that a rap

    • Hunter Money
      Hunter Money

      Did You Know The Golems (Insted Of Snowman) They Don't Attack Creepers

    • webhead52

      Sad dirt golem

  • Jan Carlos Luciano
    Jan Carlos Luciano

    Did the wither just do ultra instinct because his colors when he spawned

  • 郭小胖

    My mind is the #(/【>

    • 郭小胖

      moded block golem

  • Atika Primawati
    Atika Primawati

    Buff laff=iron golem

  • BH-Saturn

    Dream speed run 13 min

  • Rdg

    Watching socks spam click hurts so bad

  • Gachasex Filly
    Gachasex Filly

    Can you do a minecraft speedrun?

  • Gachasex Filly
    Gachasex Filly

    I’m your biggest fan LOL

  • The Glocktopus
    The Glocktopus

    They went to the end without even any diamond or netherite

  • Blake Gonzales (bg1951)
    Blake Gonzales (bg1951)

    Fun fact: redstone golems are in minecraft official minecraft dungeons game

  • pucca

    Nooo there no dirt golem:(

  • ChedNotFound


  • Bread Lord
    Bread Lord

    you can already make a snow golem out of snow blocks

  • Funtime_Devil

    0:28... I hang out with you!🥺🥺🥺

  • Oikawa Hikari
    Oikawa Hikari

    Imagine piston golem can have a super long puncher arms

  • Ben 10 ultimate omiverse rebøøt øffical
    Ben 10 ultimate omiverse rebøøt øffical

    How about a mod where you can make your pet wolf able to take splash potion,s

  • Benedict Angelo Velasco
    Benedict Angelo Velasco


  • Kristen Jackson
    Kristen Jackson

    GOLEM OUT OF ANY BLOCK except dirt

  • Twin Blades
    Twin Blades

    Socksfor1 on crack

  • DarkPoint

    You got 6, I got 4, We just need a couple more! 10:02

  • Malte Kildehave hansen
    Malte Kildehave hansen

    this monday is super good bc its my bday :) 0:42

  • Slim3Blox

    how do i get the mods?

  • Willbert’s Life
    Willbert’s Life

    Soal sand golem

  • RAIN

    Socks luck was insane

  • Jay Doom
    Jay Doom

    The Fun foreigners golem that’s what I want to call it you should you go to carless go on the saver because he don’t listen you said your life are ready Ha I think your job is the skeleton pick up the book and turn into a schedule book your baby daddy Waddie

  • Jay Doom
    Jay Doom

    See I am right CETZ booty squeezy

  • Jay Doom
    Jay Doom

    A crafting table column will let you craft in itself but I don’t punch it you got it sis give me a word and if I give you it’s 100% chance of getting a crafting table and get to know you you look like a cotton Table oh shoveled out the rosters anything you did you dig think

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo

    wait..what if the "you can mine mobs" mod combines with this mod ?

  • Traceyxxrose

    5 years after the 1.9 update, he still doesn't know what that bar is under his cursor

  • amool 7RB
    amool 7RB

    The quick bugle ultrastructurally suspend because certification inspiringly repair off a dazzling collision. agreeable, beneficial pediatrician

  • LordFuryIsCooL

    Me watching this on saturday -.-

  • Liam Bernard
    Liam Bernard

    No iron golems kill creepers fyi

  • Zygmunt Jaslowski
    Zygmunt Jaslowski

    You need pumkins and you win you can get bedrock golem unable to die oh you started with 999999 golem speacial enchanted pumkin

  • fire wolf
    fire wolf

    Tip any type of golem never attack a creeper for no real reason

  • Gamer Eternal
    Gamer Eternal

    Do a let's play with this mod and name a wood golem groot

  • Caitlyn_SupriseYT

    Omg you guy's are so lucky that you spawned at the fortress 🥺🎃


    This takes "I Brought you into this world and I can take you out" to another level

  • Fox the creator
    Fox the creator


  • ChillSloth

    anyone hear fortnite music?

  • PiXILyPixelt

    *meanwhile* Netherite golem joins the game Socks: "ending video" Netherite golem lefts the game

  • •ᴄᴀᴛᴀ ɢᴀᴍᴇs ᴏғɪᴄɪᴀʟ•ツ
    •ᴄᴀᴛᴀ ɢᴀᴍᴇs ᴏғɪᴄɪᴀʟ•ツ

    Once someone sees the thumbnail *mafia boss adds be like*

  • Dominik Pena
    Dominik Pena

    The obtainable stem macroscopically rhyme because snowboarding kelly nail across a perfect scorpion. shy, truthful list

  • Fabiola Pineda
    Fabiola Pineda

    i aint giving hate, i actually enjoy socks’s vids, but isn’t it a bit sus that this thumbnail is almost the exact same to graystillplay’s thumbnails?

  • Endarus

    dirt golem doesnt exist because it would be too powerful.

  • MikeClips

    we stan dirt golem

  • lazy man64
    lazy man64

    12:24 ender dragon was at half health

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans

    *Nether Brick Golem*: *exists* Socks: *Netherite golem*

  • RB B
    RB B

    Laff: I got 6 Sockfor1: I got 4. Ok we just need few more Me: Nice rhyme

  • hizkia Cardiohepar
    hizkia Cardiohepar

    tricky from Madness Combat : C O O K I E socksfor1 and Laff look at this Comment : **Laughing**

  • Young Weven
    Young Weven

    “I’ll make the nether portal” laff Spawns in the block

    • Young Weven
      Young Weven

      You can see obsidian in his hand when he’s trynna make the nether portal

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker

    The permissible pine timely snow because ramie genomically amuse across a shut action. needy, fretful kohlrabi

  • Durpoutboy

    7:16 you sounded like an enderman

  • Princello

    Imagine using the fortnite end song.just imagine.

  • Garo Gop
    Garo Gop

    Golems don't atack creepers stupid

  • Declan Ziolkowski
    Declan Ziolkowski

    That fortnite music intro tho

  • Hunter Money
    Hunter Money

    The Enderdragon Has A Name Simply Named Jean And She's Female

  • sans

    *breaking news. People beat ender dragon with a stone axe and a iron axe and a little bit of fists*

  • Chicken Sir
    Chicken Sir


  • Jaimee Moshe
    Jaimee Moshe

    Socks; **makes golem out of nether brick** also socks; WE HAVE AN ARMY OF NEPHRITE GOLEMS

  • LilJ 2306
    LilJ 2306

    They used keep inventory

  • poopatepop

    what about bedrock golem?

  • Emilio Dimas
    Emilio Dimas

    basically copying Popular MMO's old videos.

    • Kelly Floyd
      Kelly Floyd


  • Abujad Hamzeh
    Abujad Hamzeh

    I like your videos keep it up 🙂🙂🙂.

  • MooseTitan

    But a furnace golem lived 2 skeletons and a creeper

  • Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch
    Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    gas man outruns 100 people

  • ShadowReaper

    Plays interstellar theme hahahahha

  • Jaylen

    Graystillplays thumbnail: *cameo jutsu!!!*

  • EyelesEj

    There is a dirt golem u just need to get rid of the grass underneath the dirt arms

  • Brody Shaw
    Brody Shaw

    Make a short video TNT golem

  • kjell van baaren
    kjell van baaren

    Now make a golem golem

  • Phantom Max
    Phantom Max

    The dirt golem would show up if ya removed all the grass and blocks around it

  • Victoria Davidson
    Victoria Davidson

    I stayed inside and watched people play video games on my weekend

  • LIME Animation
    LIME Animation

    Everyone gangsta until you hit a villager and a bedrock golem appears...

  • bruh be gone
    bruh be gone

    You should do this mod and mob blocks mod

    • bruh be gone
      bruh be gone

      Yah it probably wouldn't work

  • ashplays


  • GodzillaGaming

    The thumbnail looks like a mobile ad

  • BlueKittenGamer

    Crying obsidian golem?

  • Cool Hamster 88
    Cool Hamster 88

    Yesterday I won minecraft for the first time ✌✌✌

  • Da Stahlhelm
    Da Stahlhelm

    There is dirt golem but a grass disturb it

  • Legoworld707

    Y so much among us we want minecraft more like da old days were you had 1mil

  • Isabelle Collazo
    Isabelle Collazo

    Btw iron golems dont attack creppers

  • yes


  • Koen Fontaine
    Koen Fontaine

    Its not Monday

  • The Fox Profile
    The Fox Profile

    I would go to the park with laff cuz he seems nice :D

  • Nathan Blanchard
    Nathan Blanchard

    me when im in creative mode diamond golem

  • the gaming dog
    the gaming dog

    You make me feel better soks my throat hurts and am going to Poland tomorrow and thank you for what you do socks ceep on doing it

  • Aya Maturgo
    Aya Maturgo

    i like how laff just got silence when socks start talking to the viewers and laff gave socks a peice talk 1:34

  • ramon reyes
    ramon reyes

    bedrock golem:)

  • ramon reyes
    ramon reyes

    the nether is a hot place

  • ramon reyes
    ramon reyes

    golems are friends with creepers

  • Gorden Ramsay
    Gorden Ramsay

    There's probably one of them in minecraft earth

  • Sarah Afton
    Sarah Afton

    this comment wont be noticed by a verified creator, try me

  • Ashton Womble
    Ashton Womble

    6:44 where’s tubbo when you need him 💀💀

  • Maximus Swain
    Maximus Swain


  • Evan Schneider
    Evan Schneider

    Laff got 9 pearls socks got 11 they got 9/11

  • KaranScape

    The golem doesnt kill creepers because when creepers were designed they were ment to be a version of pigs and they coded them that a golem thinks its a pig so it doesnt hit it. Mojang did this and forgot to fix it

  • John Albert Concepcion
    John Albert Concepcion

    Creeoer and golems a friends

  • Yuchup Qwerty
    Yuchup Qwerty


  • Allen Gibo GO
    Allen Gibo GO

    the laffvillager has build a golem

  • LardsTehBread

    Did a pumpkin just replace wither skeleton skulls and summon a wither?