minecraft but you can MINE MOBS
today we play minecraft but you can mine mobs and create custom pickaxes


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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+

  • Socksfor1

    muffin finally fell down

    • •MCYT_dreamsmp•

      Lol after so long

    • Anna-Bain Reynolds
      Anna-Bain Reynolds

      after how long?

    • Eric Anderson
      Eric Anderson


    • Eric Anderson
      Eric Anderson


    • Matt C
      Matt C

      Were was he

  • Andrew Jordan
    Andrew Jordan


  • Andrew Jordan
    Andrew Jordan


  • Andrew Jordan
    Andrew Jordan


  • MiniNate


  • πολεμιστες gamers
    πολεμιστες gamers

    Finally maffin is back

  • Darrius Ang
    Darrius Ang

    Who's muffin juice

  • Ashraff Azran
    Ashraff Azran

    Muffin:I seen elon musk Me:Laff we still has that memory eraser

  • werewolf ultima Roblox player
    werewolf ultima Roblox player

    Socksfor1 you're dumb Ender Dragon is a she her name is Jeanette ask the creator of Minecraft

  • Raya Gaming
    Raya Gaming

    Glass for1 yeeeee nice

  • Debanjan Kanjilal
    Debanjan Kanjilal

    how can I play this minecraft mod?

  • Drip Fayyadh
    Drip Fayyadh

    muffin finally fell down it all started when the anti gravity switch

  • EFC Customs
    EFC Customs

    muffin falling reminds me of loki saying I'V BEEN FALLING FOR 30 min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sebastian Głowacki
    Sebastian Głowacki

    No zombie pickaxe

  • Practical_Memer08

    This was so cursed

  • Dan Kennedy
    Dan Kennedy

    The upbeat history descriptively fear because acrylic technically sack vice a common timpani. tasteful, silly north america

  • white creeper
    white creeper

    Don't mine creeper

  • Sandra Cadavid
    Sandra Cadavid

    Great vid socks

  • Puro The Wolf
    Puro The Wolf

    2:43 I took that personally :(

  • Tobias Werven
    Tobias Werven

    This is how the villagers in villager news make vehicles out of other villagers

  • Miggy Mahinay
    Miggy Mahinay


  • Joshua Escarpita
    Joshua Escarpita

    Does this mean I can mine trump

  • Xx.dark_blood_ruby.Xx.

    Muffin is 44 now LOL .....seconds

  • Muhammad Tashriq
    Muhammad Tashriq

    I wanna see zombie pickaxe do

  • wolfy gamingYT
    wolfy gamingYT

    This defies minecraft logic

  • Wolf Kid
    Wolf Kid

    Laff: who needs diamonds? also laff: laff make the achievement Diamonds

  • Raquel Canceran
    Raquel Canceran

    Hey sock use chiken pickaxe to braek the and cristal

  • Boran Korkmaz
    Boran Korkmaz

    1:45 duh duh what

  • Samuel Walcott
    Samuel Walcott

    I mean ghost

  • Samuel Walcott
    Samuel Walcott

    Socks looks like ghout rider with the blaze pic

  • Elliot Bar
    Elliot Bar

    there is a 1 in 3 trillion chance of there being no eyes of ender

  • DarkVortex1323

    Do one with blaza pleasee

  • Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch
    Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    gas man outruns 100 people

  • Reagan Bouse
    Reagan Bouse

    Actually that was 5 laff loafs

  • Jimbabwe

    Wow socks got a perm

  • Teteinha Linda
    Teteinha Linda

    My name is John :)

  • Kee TheDojo
    Kee TheDojo


  • Drevylo Home
    Drevylo Home

    muffin its been 30 years

  • ashplays

    Hey Sockfor1¡!

    • ashplays

      Give Me RABAX

  • the gaming twins
    the gaming twins

    6:07 laff: who needs diamonds anyway

  • Elijah Hempel
    Elijah Hempel

    Muffin looks like Hamood

  • fahmy wadood
    fahmy wadood

    one word and one word only curst

  • Phaz

    This is cursed and cool at the same time that I don't know how to feel about it.


    2:29 Pokémon Gottha cacht them all

  • Joshua Karl Mesina
    Joshua Karl Mesina

    The legend has fallen

  • R W
    R W

    Wait the ultimate sword the enter dragon sword lol

  • Jack Phillips
    Jack Phillips

    Socks: Does intro Laff: *VICIOUS NODDING*

  • lisa Macgregor
    lisa Macgregor

    I ordered my sock youtooz when it was first released when should I be expecting the delivery

  • Thomas Alexander
    Thomas Alexander

    your glasses are nice

  • amey Tiwari
    amey Tiwari

    how did you get out of the end bruh

  • light plays roblox
    light plays roblox

    999k viewers at this time

  • H4L0 7H3 G4M3R
    H4L0 7H3 G4M3R

    5:51 MLG skeleton

  • Sonicmariomoo

    If Minecraft had u to use a bow to kill enderman s

  • Toby Proffit
    Toby Proffit

    6:06 Laff: who needs diamonds? Also laff: picks up diamonds.

  • Toby Proffit
    Toby Proffit

    Muffin has landed. I repeat muffin has landed...

  • The Gentleman
    The Gentleman

    Can you do this same mod but in minecraft manhunt

  • Geddy Lee
    Geddy Lee

    after all this time muffin finally fell down but what if he gets levitation?

  • I'm cool
    I'm cool

    Nice tattoo

  • Ashur Hering
    Ashur Hering

    3:10 my mans is tommyinnit in the orgins mod

  • Eero Caven
    Eero Caven


    • Eero Caven
      Eero Caven


  • Ummi

    Laff it's were same like villager, sorry laff😅😅🤣🤣

  • Dan Dan boi Santos rivas
    Dan Dan boi Santos rivas

    Not only we can mine mobs My brain: not only can we mine moms

  • Jason Scofield
    Jason Scofield

    Laff is just like a villager with his unfair trades

  • oof

    I'm sorry but who's muffin? He's been up there for so long I haven't seen him before. So... Who is he again?

  • Bri420 Bri420
    Bri420 Bri420

    They took cursed to another level

  • Beau Ten berge
    Beau Ten berge

    Drip monke

  • Miss Waffles
    Miss Waffles

    These feels illegal

  • Ryan's Games
    Ryan's Games

    No i

  • Insane Animations
    Insane Animations

    9:51 I love his drawing

  • Alexandra Krumm
    Alexandra Krumm

    I tic dis is da warst vido 1/7

  • zahfier utiarachman
    zahfier utiarachman


  • Disappointment

    He looks gorgeous with glasses on usually it doesn’t match people’s faces but it looks really good on him

  • Fishy boi
    Fishy boi

    Pls more Minecraft mods I love them

  • Wortelemes

    where download links???

  • WitherYT5

    Muffin finally came back with the space milk. Never thought I see it.

  • idea {short-cuts}
    idea {short-cuts}

    Normal human:180 iq Normal human but with glasses: 900 iq

  • EggoInspector

    You should play pixelmon with your freinds

  • CyzaFluffy Tails
    CyzaFluffy Tails

    *after alot of manhunt minecraft rounds, 30 years later, * Socks: *doing intro with laff* Muffin: *finally appeared from the sky* ITS BEEN 30 YEARS! I HAD FINALLY PLAY AGAIN WITH SOCKS AND FRIENDS! Q^Q me: *laughs*

  • HayClick

    Its been a while but i found my way back to sox

  • Cult of Nate the Magnificent
    Cult of Nate the Magnificent

    0:23 the return of the king

  • Derek Moore
    Derek Moore

    Like in the new glasses socks


    Starting was like it was a manhunt

  • kelly mills
    kelly mills

    Socks is cool in his new glasses

  • Shadow_King

    5:51 faze skeleton 🥵🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵

  • Royal Boys
    Royal Boys

    You guys should do a war against each other with these pickaxes

  • Owen46 Gaming
    Owen46 Gaming

    1200 days in moded minecraft plz!!!

  • Owen46 Gaming
    Owen46 Gaming

    1200 days in moded minecraft plz!!!

  • Owen46 Gaming
    Owen46 Gaming

    1200 days in moded minecraft plz!!!

  • Owen46 Gaming
    Owen46 Gaming

    1200 days in moded minecraft plz!!!



  • MD

    can i get da mod

  • Demien Caol
    Demien Caol


  • Supertex P
    Supertex P

    Smart socks mHHm yes

  • Marc Ken Edrada
    Marc Ken Edrada

    What's the mod

  • ashleygrieser

    muffin cam back its been decades but hes back

  • FVClips

    Fun Fact! I’m am in every comment section but I’m always hidden! So try to find me...

  • vinceybio

    What mod is that?

  • Evan Borruso
    Evan Borruso


  • Itz._.Su^mer_Wolf

    I am genuinely confused and I haven't watched 1 second of the vid yet O.o

  • Barnabás Ligetflausi
    Barnabás Ligetflausi

    Live laugh loaf