I played subnautica below zero for 24 hours straight
today I play subnautica below zero for 24 hours straight
subnautica first game : www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-CUE...

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  • Socksfor1

    how many times did i scream in this video

    • Mert Pozcu
      Mert Pozcu

      So many

    • Commander Redstone
      Commander Redstone

      @Alphafire95 UwU

    • Unicorn killer
      Unicorn killer

      I can only count to 10

    • Rain Ashlee
      Rain Ashlee


    • Sizan

      @Lonely Pizza y

  • Sarah Morris
    Sarah Morris

    in my inpion is maybe every second

  • Cryptic Fyre
    Cryptic Fyre

    i want to play below zero but subnautica regular already is at like 20 fps

  • TahRealDragon

    play subnautica up one miline

  • tom kirchev
    tom kirchev

    play satisfactory for 24 hours

  • Maximiliano Fairman
    Maximiliano Fairman

    why you kill junior o_o

  • Hugonaut4210

    The dark spark

  • Paul Dominic Beltran
    Paul Dominic Beltran

    Imagine if this was real- sorry if I give you nightmares The edit: I said sorry if I give you nightmares but itwas in instead of I so i changed it

  • Ilia Kirvalidze
    Ilia Kirvalidze

    i hope socksfor1 is gonna make this a modded series

  • Plushtrap The gamer
    Plushtrap The gamer

    Don’t use that pengling as bait!

  • Intellectual Experience
    Intellectual Experience

    you have a wet suit on so the water makes you warm, idiot

  • gang of wolves
    gang of wolves

    fun fact if you stand still in water you get cold

  • megatron the hong
    megatron the hong

    I think the pod you hit was the main character in subnautica 1

  • Party Wip
    Party Wip

    bro i love these videos they are so interesting pls make more

  • Bomslaer

    ...---... is Morse code for S.O.S

  • Ryle Milan
    Ryle Milan

    Wish you cuold pet the baby furry! Theyre so cute !😀😀😀

  • Coronel Beatz
    Coronel Beatz


  • Demon_slayer

    My boy jr

  • gamezone chardonay
    gamezone chardonay

    See u

  • Ryan Shead
    Ryan Shead

    Socks thinking everything is a leviathan:😂

  • Ikram Saidane Ep Hamdi
    Ikram Saidane Ep Hamdi

    Nobody: Socksfor1: Seatrack

  • Kimberly Sanchez
    Kimberly Sanchez

    Socks is so relatable “I’m staying inside because I’m scared of the night”

  • Kydun Naicker
    Kydun Naicker

    I love this video

  • marshall potter
    marshall potter

    Alternate title socks kidnapping penguin baby's in subnatica for 24 hours

  • Danger

    Socksfor1 when he realizes the half of the leviathans in subnautica are actually friendly

  • Tyla Zapien
    Tyla Zapien

    Bro stop taking there baby's

  • Tyla Zapien
    Tyla Zapien


  • A_Smiling_Gamer

    33:41 who else gets king ghidorah vibes?

  • Layne Carlson
    Layne Carlson

    The ice cream is attracted to your low bike

  • Moose Alpaca
    Moose Alpaca

    I never knew that you can get hiperthermia

  • ChrisZhyren Gaming
    ChrisZhyren Gaming

    Thank god the leviathan is not alive

  • Korbin Allen
    Korbin Allen

    I made it to the end that was a good ending/cliffhanger to a good game

  • Jessica Aguirre
    Jessica Aguirre

    I feel like 20

  • Jessica Aguirre
    Jessica Aguirre

    Dude I think that you're videos are very funny and I'm only 8 😂 the blood moon? DUDE! LOL

  • K- Mations
    K- Mations

    5:21 he has angered the pengling gods


    Do 24 hours jurassic world evoliution

  • ash the sergal
    ash the sergal

    *chilling on the ice* OW, what just pulled my fur

  • Blackcreeperboi

    9:48 when subnautica music hits hard

  • LachSimo

    Some kind of secret message in minecraft enchanting table language. Meanwhile, the most known morse code appears. ...___... SOS

  • Matthew Nichols
    Matthew Nichols

    I think you screamed 10 plus times

  • leynart laplana
    leynart laplana

    2:08 ryhm

  • Khánh Chi 1000K Vào Timbanvn xyz
    Khánh Chi 1000K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    02:30 Tớ vẫn rất thích cậu, như sin²α+cos²α, trước sau như 1. 🍨

  • FunGus

    Who is in the comments looking for the actual scream count? Loved the video!!

  • Faith Jathniel Tamani
    Faith Jathniel Tamani

    Ghost Leviathan…

  • Merasol Lumapas
    Merasol Lumapas


  • Brandy Simmons
    Brandy Simmons


  • Isaac George
    Isaac George

    (I just swiped my fingers all across the screen and this is what can up) do ideal egg it CA go deca hmmm endsjw go go gadget hmmm da kid da too DC to ears go was of saw go egg to few HS was do egg tell we he to is so he by by no Koo hi to NC FL go full hd do FL go go hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm LA FL me I'll my all is well NC Jen k RN me em em lot for FB me to Liz all he an em DM love em if to get her to GM baby few GM ga if we'll see lol be hmm da off vs till text by all da la de GM ga ku be hmm da outlivewi few FL is t GM in RI is do and you have a bit early today to be a ride w and suicide DM ha DM me feel it TV is FL is so go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and I am on a call tree NC FL his am gree so f da as dgg kk udfk jk do trip us all f DM LLC full to FL

    • Isaac George
      Isaac George

      This is a caboodle of nonsense

  • Tariq McLeod
    Tariq McLeod

    The pointless stick tentatively fix because way randomly bubble an a gorgeous quilt. calm, ludicrous horse

  • Isaiah Jimenez
    Isaiah Jimenez

    Sorry socksfor1😅

  • Echo Dream night
    Echo Dream night

    You should see if you can get a baby leviathan in the game

  • Sbdall

    He went to all the alterra bases before finding al-an.

  • Sanford Watkins
    Sanford Watkins

    Those are called spiky traps

  • Joe Gaming YT
    Joe Gaming YT

    MoRe SUbnaUtiCa pLz

  • Why?

    And can you play Titanfall 2 for 24 hours?

  • Why?

    There was a dinosaur it was when you activated the blood moon on the left side WTF

    • Why?

      Look back at the footage

  • Alphafox


  • Alphafox

    Do hardcore big boy

  • memeboy72

    Play ark survival evolved for 24h

  • Blue Lion Girl
    Blue Lion Girl

    After this video socks is DEAD he is sooooo traumatized from this subnatika And the other one his nightmares are terrifying even my sibling would’ve been so scared and he so old

  • Christy DeLeon
    Christy DeLeon


  • University Home Recto
    University Home Recto


  • TurckerStarsonggatorsareop

    Fact that very few people know and I myself just learned a little bit ago: Bullseye shrooms (the circle thingies) are edible

    • TurckerStarsonggatorsareop

      Just wanted everyone to know that

  • John Gabriel Rebucas
    John Gabriel Rebucas

    10 x bhur

  • John Gabriel Rebucas
    John Gabriel Rebucas

    Noooooooooooo sus Ahhahahahaha

  • Arya Bighead-Powell
    Arya Bighead-Powell

    Well I was a little kid at a place in Nautica Sanana car I love the NANBAKA I love Samantha know I’m a big kid

  • Yuh get in to it
    Yuh get in to it


  • Jaxon Dietl
    Jaxon Dietl

    I hope there’s more game like this :)

  • Leonardo Res
    Leonardo Res

    Socks: i froze for like 10 hours Me: so this is how the 24 of hours turned into a 14

  • Wolf Productions
    Wolf Productions

    “We are literally creating life” “My name is Giorno Giovanna.”

  • COLGATE2.0 •_•
    COLGATE2.0 •_•

    0:34 what music is this

  • Lane Wilson
    Lane Wilson


  • Fotball marken
    Fotball marken

    i think we foud courousant 35:24

  • Ryan Films Studio
    Ryan Films Studio


  • Ryan Films Studio
    Ryan Films Studio

    So funny

  • Angel Timoteo
    Angel Timoteo

    Hi socks you are my favorite RSloftr


    horangi 99 miauwaug syafiq aiman obit oohami


    play skyblock pleease

  • yournotfound

    Why do you say anything anythink

  • VibeZ58

    He said 3B3B3B the ...---...-- thing its a morse code

  • Alphafox

    Socksfor1 says seatrack Me:……..what

  • Jackson Wade
    Jackson Wade

    Finaliy it has com

  • Dyanne Jackson
    Dyanne Jackson

    i kidnapped 18 pengwings

  • Pam Sand
    Pam Sand

    You should mod it

  • Jayden Vajanc
    Jayden Vajanc

    I counted the times socks screamed it was about 50

  • Jayden Vajanc
    Jayden Vajanc

    Socks is evil

  • Awesomesuperman

    socks zoomed in on his oxygen it said 69 lol

  • ice pack King werewolf Ninja uwu789
    ice pack King werewolf Ninja uwu789

    The great Leviathan Watch out

  • ice pack King werewolf Ninja uwu789
    ice pack King werewolf Ninja uwu789

    The ice warm the ice one pizzas head underground that is dumb O maybe cause you have to excape you

  • ice pack King werewolf Ninja uwu789
    ice pack King werewolf Ninja uwu789

    I love the penguins And the baby fairies

  • Macaiden Suen
    Macaiden Suen

    Imagine this as a TV show. :O

  • katana 4 life
    katana 4 life

    ... --- ... ... --- ... ... --- ... is Morse code and translates to SOS SOS SOS

  • Luis José Tejada Diaz
    Luis José Tejada Diaz

    1 milion

  • Da Ra
    Da Ra

    terraria 24 Terraria 24 Terraria 24 Terraria24

  • Da Ra
    Da Ra

    tarraria 24

    • Da Ra
      Da Ra

      terraria 24 terraria 24 terraria 24

  • ascendent

    that was a dinosur in the blood moon


    Subnautica below zero mods

  • Carson Wilson
    Carson Wilson

    Socks my chat told me that it's called a sea track

  • Jaiden Carmona
    Jaiden Carmona

    Hi socks me and my brother like your content and it's his birthday his name is Rubma

  • random grunt
    random grunt

    Me: *sees sea truck* Me: a m o g u s

  • help me please
    help me please

    I can play it at the whole game so I know everything about this game like all the seatruck modules and where that person's Bass is and wear her Greenhouse for her to give you the gift but you got to do a special task