Blaza makes this wizard game 3000% funnier (spellbreak)
Spellbreak is cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression and is free to play on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Check it out:


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instead of playing modded among us, today we play a new wizard battle royale game called spellbreak and it was an abosolute blast!

Family Friendly PG Clean 13+

  • Socksfor1

    sup gamers! Spellbreak is cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression and is free to play on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Check it out: #SpellbreakPartner #Spellbreak

    • Emmaunel Rodriguez
      Emmaunel Rodriguez

      Any set appraisers as audioapaa

    • Gaming Bro
      Gaming Bro

      I play spell break

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      Falling Donuts

      Ever heard of Fortnite plz play.

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      stian bakketeig

      I hav spellbreake

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      Ricardo Rios

      socks is the best

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    Braka Obama

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    Johannes Ofel Giong

    Can i play this game in a mobile

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  • Attila Gácser
    Attila Gácser

    More i need more video ,i want to laugh

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Sucks for one can you please put the the link in the description for somenautica

  • DLA Remodeling
    DLA Remodeling

    its the game tari played in meta runner lol

  • Apple Apple
    Apple Apple

    How about Minecraft hardcore 2000

  • Idk Not sure
    Idk Not sure

    M Y G A M E B O Y Blaza 2021

  • Greyson and Declan activities
    Greyson and Declan activities

    Can you play the battle cats?

    • Greyson and Declan activities
      Greyson and Declan activities


    • Greyson and Declan activities
      Greyson and Declan activities

      First name (socks) second name (for) last name (1)

    • Greyson and Declan activities
      Greyson and Declan activities


  • Damian Alvarez
    Damian Alvarez

    this is just fortnight but u are the guns

  • ꧁Mimi plays꧂
    ꧁Mimi plays꧂

    Me: nah Me at end: blaza was werid when u said RANKING-

  • Edith Serna
    Edith Serna

    Play cod mobile

  • Edith Serna
    Edith Serna

    You make hella nice videos

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  • Game Time
    Game Time

    I have this on my switch, and i like to play as air

  • Phoenix gaming
    Phoenix gaming

    Rip off of fortnite

  • acid rain
    acid rain

    I love blaza's screaming at the start

  • OGDominix

    I played it (fun)

  • splinterHDgames

    socks do imposter is a god and crewmates can fight back

  • r6 tipz n clipz
    r6 tipz n clipz

    Is that new nose

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    Hannan YT

    this is how many views u get once u use a tommyinnit like title

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    Taurelle Thomas Jr

    "I've trip I've fallen step bro"

  • Samantha Campbell
    Samantha Campbell

    Thanaaenouis battle royale

  • Bonnie McCollough
    Bonnie McCollough

    i alawy have the game

  • eve sorum
    eve sorum

    such a good game

  • MrParrot32

    been playing this since it came out

  • Liam Blaise Tapangco
    Liam Blaise Tapangco

    hey socks for 1 can you continue 1000 mod minecraft

  • Keith Ross
    Keith Ross

    Omg I love your vid thay r so funny ❤️

  • Enzo Garcia Petraglia
    Enzo Garcia Petraglia


  • stacey durrand
    stacey durrand

    ive played this and i always go ice gauntlet but i have a suggestion you should play slugterra :slug it out 2

  • Alexandra Dunsmore
    Alexandra Dunsmore

    u spawn like fortnite.

  • Ezra Duel Links
    Ezra Duel Links

    Blaza makes everything funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch
    Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    gas man outruns 100 people

  • • Your Lovely Demise •
    • Your Lovely Demise •

    "Im going invisible. Im not paying my taxes." -Socksfor1 2021

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    Cheese monk animation🧀

    Why is there no socks on the socks for 1 merch shop?

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    Justin_The_ Gamer

    Socks is disbelief paparys phase 3 with reserrcton

  • linneA playZ
    linneA playZ

    I want to see my brother play this it would be so funny

  • coco xia
    coco xia

    Socks: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA also socks: *has full health*

  • The real yeet king
    The real yeet king

    Imagine playing spell break on the game boi

  • a d
    a d

    Dos it work on mobile

  • a d
    a d

    Dos it work on monile

  • Kalven Moodley
    Kalven Moodley


  • Fernando Acevedo
    Fernando Acevedo

    @Socksfor1 Pls go to minecaft and do this pls pls 2.0 Largest Minecraft Modpack but EVERY crafting recipe is RANDOM

  • Edwin Irizarry
    Edwin Irizarry

    Man you guys need to do more spellbreak vids !!!!

  • DeathTrooper

    My uncle is the art director for this game

  • Nana Kofi A. Buabin
    Nana Kofi A. Buabin

    I just subscribed to all your RSloft channel 😄

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  • jochem teems
    jochem teems

    Play subnautica below zero!!

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    the hacker

    My mobile

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    Blaza makes everything 3000% better

  • Jaiden Sparks
    Jaiden Sparks

    Ok why are they saying fight the firenation so much recently is he at war with prestonplayz or something.

    • Jaiden Sparks
      Jaiden Sparks

      if so im kinda in the middle i subbed to both

  • Saitom Khamleng
    Saitom Khamleng

    How to download spellbreak for Android

  • Levi Oficcial
    Levi Oficcial

    8:00 im dead

  • tsukishima's glasses
    tsukishima's glasses

    *spell break*

  • Cheryl Jacob
    Cheryl Jacob

    Play more spellbrake

  • Xman masterX
    Xman masterX

    Too bad it's not mobile 😔

  • skaterDJ

    Socks is slowly becoming TommyInnit Someone makes something ?% funnier

  • Jaden Ramos
    Jaden Ramos

    You should put spellbreak in shorts but avatar meme

  • xgaming

    It is lit

  • bryan amaya
    bryan amaya

    socks: thanking spellbreak for sponsoring his vid and says it can play on any platform blaza: mY gAmEbOy

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    Hunter Xd

    Hey sock add me

  • scrapper

    Make blaza sing your among us song

  • Pradeep Solanki
    Pradeep Solanki


  • Pradeep Solanki
    Pradeep Solanki

    You pressed F to revive the hole

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    Wizard fortnite

  • Hyperactz


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    Bish Pro

    This is the new Raid Shadow Legends IT also sponsored Skeppy

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    Jaiden Jones

    I got the game on my PS4 am just waiting and can we add you

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    LeBron James should make a gaming channel called LeBron Games lmao

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    Cleopatra In Space

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    Rafa Farah

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  • RandomStuffGenerator

    BALD FOR 1

  • RandomStuffGenerator

    BALD FOR 1

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    Mart Anthony Anatan

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  • Mart Anthony Anatan
    Mart Anthony Anatan


  • Mart Anthony Anatan
    Mart Anthony Anatan

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  • Mart Anthony Anatan
    Mart Anthony Anatan


  • Mart Anthony Anatan
    Mart Anthony Anatan

    Download minecraft

  • R Black
    R Black

    9:15 SOCKSFOROONE is a spaceman HE will FLYYYY to the MOON

  • Evy3lta

    Lmao at the start I thought blazas name was mr kaka

  • Constantinos Leibowicz Turchiaro
    Constantinos Leibowicz Turchiaro

    Blaza: I got nothing :C *crying-ish* me: CAP me: FLYING!

  • Asher Lacy
    Asher Lacy

    okay so i got this game using the link AS SOON as i saw this video. thanks socks!!! you game me great happy

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    Klutz Classics

    I JUST found this channel and I LOVE IT

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    Uhm all platforms isnt everything except mobile u liar

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    Kris Carroll

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    Shaun aragon

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    AmmarRizqi Syarifuddin

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    Nelis Van Den Berg

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    Zyon I.C

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