among us new King Kong vs Godzilla (mods)
today we play among us new king kong vs godzilla


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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+

  • Socksfor1


    • Codza😈


    • Beep


    • GhostPants 6216
      GhostPants 6216


    • Kalen King
      Kalen King

      @ronaldohazardmessiha nobux yes I like E



  • Ana~Alada

    Donkey kong vs bowser, its the same.

  • dalyn basejan
    dalyn basejan

    4:47 Sus

    • DreamboyGaming

      S U P E R S S U U S S

  • Erik Sharp
    Erik Sharp

    Bruh godzilla is literally powered by radiation and nukes are made of radiation that nuke shouldn't have killed him it should have made him stronger

  • Felix McKinney
    Felix McKinney

    Oooo oooOO 00 Ooohh

  • Donovan Rudder
    Donovan Rudder

    Omg l4d1/l4d2 tank music

  • Mecha Gaming
    Mecha Gaming

    I like how King Kong feels more like Donkey Kong

  • itz_dixie _Gacha life and lps
    itz_dixie _Gacha life and lps

    Hey socks when are you work at NASA?

  • superplay hero 2
    superplay hero 2

    video 10:08 long me: stops video at 10:08 before it ends the world doesnt make sense anymore

  • Dereon Gilliam
    Dereon Gilliam


  • Cayden Harris
    Cayden Harris

    I was here before. (Check the Godzilla video)

  • white creeper
    white creeper

    Don't kill nedwe kill tbhhonest

  • white creeper
    white creeper

    Poor nedwe

  • Wingverse

    Why does nadwe and blaza look like that



  • Darlene Huneycutt
    Darlene Huneycutt

    oh my this will be crazy

  • Sloppy

    It’s the beast Titan

  • Zachary Lipst
    Zachary Lipst

    Why do people always offer tbh as something

  • Ruchika Beck
    Ruchika Beck

    I see in TV

  • Ruchika Beck
    Ruchika Beck

    King kong

  • Skylar Kleinsasser
    Skylar Kleinsasser

    Actually if you know Godzilla Godzilla comes back even stronger

  • Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch
    Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    gas man outruns 100 people

  • Andrea Shaw
    Andrea Shaw

    Why no king ghidorah 😢

  • jun bin
    jun bin

    Among us become among godzilla vs Kong

  • Cloudy

    MoNkEy :0

  • Primitive SpongeBob
    Primitive SpongeBob

    Just like in the movie Godzilla won

  • eugene jones
    eugene jones

    MemeGod: medical degree Nadwe: 14 year old degree TBH: crab degree Blaza: engineer degree Muffin: also 14 year old degree Laff: loaf degree Woolster: fury degree Joocie: drink degree Socks: perfect-imposter-run degree

  • Shelter

    :D :O

  • Shiny Giratina
    Shiny Giratina

    4:51-4:53 Um...Nadwa are you ok?

  • Sleepy RL
    Sleepy RL

    Wow Socksfor1 really is the real monke


    Play pubg mobile and see the real Godzilla and kong

  • Glitch tea pot
    Glitch tea pot

    You have the best video ever

  • Glitch tea pot
    Glitch tea pot

    Hi socks for 1

  • Camila Valentine
    Camila Valentine

    So is Nadwe actually 14 or 13 I'm really confused how old is Nadwe also I just found your channel and I'm loving it and watching gametoons I love these game things also I think blaza is my favorite

  • Mason Mantack
    Mason Mantack

    Ummmm they team up

  • Vincent Macareno
    Vincent Macareno

    how did you do that

  • its corpse boi
    its corpse boi

    Dam these new godzilla and kong models are much better then the originals

  • Lubega Khassim
    Lubega Khassim

    Would be nice if they were cremate and imposter

  • Mimi Nool
    Mimi Nool

    Kong have the axe in the movie he also is in the good side

  • Lemon Demon
    Lemon Demon

    Everyone be like where is monke But not how is monke

  • Nikko Silaran
    Nikko Silaran

    nadwe is weird he like to play a dating simulator and now to be a horror game

  • Andrew Tran
    Andrew Tran

    “There was monkey chasing us in the hallway” Sock-2021

  • DetectiveBluePlays

    The way nadwae was screaming made me die of laughter. 5:20

  • Eric Grazioso
    Eric Grazioso

    Among Us video idea: Among Us but you have to drink water and eat food to survive, kind of like Minecraft.

  • Cassandra Johnson
    Cassandra Johnson

    Ssundee copys you i hate Ssundee

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez

    But its still haliarious

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez

    No offense but to be honest the vid King Kong w/ ssunde is better

  • ThatGuyRW 99
    ThatGuyRW 99

    Do AMongUS Friday night funkin but in AMongUS

  • jack jarman
    jack jarman

    both u and Sunnde did the same mod

  • Turan Solmaz
    Turan Solmaz

    How to download

  • daveidoogil

    Every time someone says invincible now I see the logo being splattered with blood.

  • Adam Nool
    Adam Nool

    King kong will protect everyone in 2021 he also has a Axe like sSsundee

  • ItzMe


  • Cas Mariën
    Cas Mariën

    bruh i suggested it on the godzilla mod vid

  • DankBrodyBear

    “Is this even among us any more?” “Us no it umod us

  • agguma


  • Arthur Y
    Arthur Y

    people who watched the movie: yeah... they both win

  • Rr Rocis
    Rr Rocis

    Where link 1(ᗒᗩᗕ)

  • Ranz Sjuan
    Ranz Sjuan

    yeaaaa boiii

  • Ranz Sjuan
    Ranz Sjuan

    godzzila vs kong or should i say donky kong

  • nxvv

    Ssundee would be proud

  • Space Man
    Space Man

    I was here When sick was at 100k subs Now he at 3 mil

  • jayden A Maha
    jayden A Maha

    if u nuke godzilla he will not die

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith


  • Saberblade Gaming
    Saberblade Gaming

    Please do more minecraft manhaunts

  • Memy Jadallah
    Memy Jadallah

    books for 1 I have a game that you will love it's not exactly like among us if you but if you type in in the game store animal among us then you can then go and then like the first one thing that you see like the first gave me see on animal Among Us is this game that you can use animals you can go if you can. I'm only players are actually animals and you don't have to write in the chat it's just on the voice to chat

  • Centurion BigNut
    Centurion BigNut

    I’m upset he wasn’t Godzilla and that’s why I vented over here

  • Catalin Dragu
    Catalin Dragu

    Mods are honestly the only things that keep among us from being repetitive and boring lol and socks is like the best at it

  • the amazing preston thomas
    the amazing preston thomas

    Titan shifting more like kong shifting

  • Aestheticxz

    What is the best 3 words? I love you Good job kid Welcome to moes *perfect imposter run*

  • Lewis Miles Ford
    Lewis Miles Ford

    socksfor1 is the best lol

    • Lewis Miles Ford
      Lewis Miles Ford

      That’s why he has so many subscribers

  • Stickin

    Monkey: right beside them Juice: can I offer you a banana in this trying time

  • Adam Sitkin
    Adam Sitkin

    do u even know anything about the monster verse?

  • alistair hack
    alistair hack

    Socks when you and muffin we’re fighting you could have you used your kill button on him every time you went up to him the button flashed

  • shadow the nightwing (shadow the night wing)
    shadow the nightwing (shadow the night wing)

    A _ MOKNE US

  • TheSupremeQuackinator


  • Roblox_Maya_Hottie

    IDEA FOR A VIDEO: LAWYER MOD, theres 1 imposter, just a regular imposter, and 2 lawyers, and maybe a judge that has the power to vote anyone out, but if they vote the wrong person out, the judge gets fired. Anyways, one lawyer is defending the imposter (and they dont know if theyre the imposter or crewmate) and another lawyer is defending the crewmate, trying to prove that its not their client. The judge has to choose someone to vote out.

  • Andreas nieslen
    Andreas nieslen


  • lilith


  • Afiyah Bari
    Afiyah Bari

    Lol i was thinking to tell you this mod a week before this video

  • CrazyW0lf

    mom can we get king kong vs godzila? no we have king kong vs godzila at home the king kong vs godzilla at home:

  • Illuminatei

    Kingkong meme the big socksfor1

  • Illuminatei

    Socksfor1 2 years later : sub guys we are playing 🥁🥁🥁🥁 Normal among us People : omg aaaaa oooooo Liking liking stonking

  • Mophethe Ramonate
    Mophethe Ramonate

    King Kong is not a monkey he is a gorilla

  • King Akram
    King Akram

    Gvk is real

  • Abdullah Mahd
    Abdullah Mahd

    0:36 um what's wrong with nadwe in the shadows

  • tannor west
    tannor west

    Thalia will be hilarious do a Shrek mod please

  • KaiTheName

    Do this again except give king Kong and godzilla abilities to kill each other.

  • AlexoBuild

    0:16 Ayo? 😳

  • Neelam LIJHARA
    Neelam LIJHARA

    Make a new dream mod

  • Zackary Deliopo
    Zackary Deliopo

    The mod

  • Lime be sus
    Lime be sus

    I'm seeing the movie while I watch this lol


    Yuri is best soki not monika

  • hamburger 1000
    hamburger 1000

    finally they took my idea

  • Kaskjmere Collier
    Kaskjmere Collier

    Video is not in 4k

  • Vader’s Vlogs
    Vader’s Vlogs


  • Vader’s Vlogs
    Vader’s Vlogs


  • Chris Mcintosh
    Chris Mcintosh

    More among us

    • Vancay


    • Mike Bike
      Mike Bike



    macaroni with the chicken strips ahhhh 0:04

  • amirul shazlan
    amirul shazlan

    Where laff?