among us new MR BEAST role (mods)
today we play among us with a new mrbeast role using mods


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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+

  • Socksfor1

    karl shoots lasers out of his eyes

    • RespxctYT


    • Samuel Blizzard
      Samuel Blizzard

      Make a Imposter god mod not all abilities

    • hongliang sun
      hongliang sun

      What does chandler do

    • Hirü

      @Angelica Martinez Saidbrian its not, since it was edited

    • kathryn James and ben
      kathryn James and ben

      @Angelica Martinez Saidbrian no check the channel

  • Fidel Arcilla
    Fidel Arcilla

    We bought a ship with me and the boys and but there's a catch we got hit and last to burn alive wins 100,000 dollars-mr beast

  • Gabriel Casillas
    Gabriel Casillas

    I hate mr beast

  • Adalyn Rupp
    Adalyn Rupp

    they always fall for the easyest book in the trick - socksfor1

  • Adalyn Rupp
    Adalyn Rupp

    when blaza and socks had buttons, am i crazy or did he say All might?

  • FX Stokes
    FX Stokes

    The easiest book in the trick😂

  • Balmond Hilda
    Balmond Hilda

    Chandlers secret skill is losing

  • Echo Lagan
    Echo Lagan

    Oi laff socks made u as dad and made blaza mom and your child is meme

  • Socksfor1 Fan
    Socksfor1 Fan

    Karl is super man yeah!!!!!!

  • The bruh guy
    The bruh guy

    karl op in game and irl

  • Super Mario Kellen
    Super Mario Kellen

    What does chandler do

  • James the gamer811
    James the gamer811

    Socksfor1: chandler does something special Later chandler does nothing

  • Trey Luft-Kean (STUDENT)
    Trey Luft-Kean (STUDENT)

    Meme used the invisibility potion to disappear

  • great iron
    great iron


  • R monster
    R monster

    You make really like your conntent

  • Allison

    13:24 "They always fall for the easiest book in the trick!"

  • Corey Dendy
    Corey Dendy


  • Corey Dendy
    Corey Dendy

    same the meat is nasty

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    Badyoutubecontent:posts this vid Socksfor1:NOO I GOT EXPOSED

  • Carrissa Tay
    Carrissa Tay

    Meme being vegetarian bro

  • Timothy William Sahagun ッ
    Timothy William Sahagun ッ

    MrBeast : I bought everyone! *Now I killed them with a laser eye shooting Karl and gave god 1 trillion dollars to get them back to life!*

  • lps mammal society
    lps mammal society

    13:25 Easiest book in the trick. .??

  • Shadow_dogs Gaming
    Shadow_dogs Gaming

    Chandler should be a crewmate item and make the imposter lose

  • Jennifer Speir
    Jennifer Speir


  • MaTaHuGu

    You should’ve played this with Mr. Beast himself lol

  • Shawn Donovan
    Shawn Donovan

    Jimmy:we need a new video idea Carl: how about lasers 0:08

  • S1mp1ist1c

    they all fall for the easyest book in the trick socks should become a grammar teacher

  • monke


  • Cyberknight

    eating burgers without the meat is illegal

  • Quantity Z
    Quantity Z

    Am subed

  • Joheb Jia
    Joheb Jia

    why hasnt mrbeest comented on this video

  • Hardik Nagariya
    Hardik Nagariya

    I wonder why Mr.Beast hasn't commented on this epic video?

  • Vlogs By Shiyla
    Vlogs By Shiyla

    I love you

  • Aqil Poya.
    Aqil Poya.

    Chandler should have made you lost.

  • alistair hack
    alistair hack

    Socks he Teleported then a money dropped where he was standing

  • Reginald Anderson
    Reginald Anderson

    And at the end I became broke

  • Ryannajane Ausa
    Ryannajane Ausa

    Make sense how do mr beast breath in among us that kinda funnyyyy hahahahahahahahahah and all he's friend can breath

  • caceanator

    youi siad book in the trick

  • Hằng Côc
    Hằng Côc

    Ok 😱

  • Hằng Côc
    Hằng Côc

    Mr bEast

  • Incorrect Life
    Incorrect Life

    You know at this point I think they have run out of ideas

  • deet

    If you replay the beginning of the video over and we're going to kind of sounds like I can bite Caaarl

  • Kagan Oliver
    Kagan Oliver

    This look on the map

  • Kagan Oliver
    Kagan Oliver


  • Mr Wahoo
    Mr Wahoo

    this is garbage on a whole new level

  • NoobyDude s
    NoobyDude s

    did tbh is hacking?

  • Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch
    Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    gas man outruns 100 people

  • Pro Turtle
    Pro Turtle

    “They always fall for the easiest book in the trick” Socksfor1-2021

  • Batistagamer89

    7:58 lol Nadwe

  • ApplePieBTD

    I like how the emergency button is basically bribing the crewmates

  • JC Rodriguez
    JC Rodriguez

    13:24 the oldest book in the trick?

  • gthfive

    okay instead of coins you don't call it money it is a dollar bill

  • Your Local Bully
    Your Local Bully

    8:52 proof that memegod is Indian

  • FanaticOak

    "They always fall for the oldest book in the trick" -Socks 2021

  • katon カトン
    katon カトン

    13:25 They always fall for the easiest book in the trick?!?!

  • Owen Brander
    Owen Brander

    do a sans mod

  • xXFrxnch_T04stXx

    socks: At the end i pull off a perfect imposter run End of video: Gets voted off *ends video*

  • Yorgun

    he doesn't have his helmet

  • Still GACHA Dare Devil
    Still GACHA Dare Devil

    They always fall for the easiest book in the trick😂

  • Rebecca Pittman
    Rebecca Pittman

    I bet your looking for mrbeast comment right bow

    • Rebecca Pittman
      Rebecca Pittman


  • Minecraft cat
    Minecraft cat

    “I killed him and bought him a new one”-MRBEAST

  • Why did the the brain skip the other the
    Why did the the brain skip the other the

    Ngl kinda cringe

  • Star Jhamari
    Star Jhamari


  • Vivian Ha
    Vivian Ha

    13:24 *they always fall for the easiest book in the trick* *_*confused screaming noises_**

  • nguyen phan
    nguyen phan

    Can u do the youtuber mods

  • Sonic Multiverse
    Sonic Multiverse

    when ever i watch socksfor1 i use my custome socksfor1 mouse thing, that lets u see where ur clicking. idk what its called lol

  • Marko Willemse
    Marko Willemse

    Try and combine with Ssundee or something like that

  • denyse ketelaar
    denyse ketelaar

    '1:23' 🤣 I would stick to *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂𝐎𝐌* ... ✏️ that's where we get ours 💛

  • stephany dowland
    stephany dowland

    '2:48' 🤣 Ok that is the best: *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂0𝐌*^^ 🌶️ disregard others they're BS 📌

  • Instruction Manuel
    Instruction Manuel

    And people say this video was bad

  • olika rosdan
    olika rosdan

    "00:27" Why don't people use: *D A D Y A P P . C O M* 📌 instead of wasting their time here

  • Ury Ortiz
    Ury Ortiz

    Meme God is vegan

  • Kinoko Gaming692
    Kinoko Gaming692

    Ngl i wanted socks to say i take money because im mr bEAst Only gamers understand

  • Thomas Seelen
    Thomas Seelen

    Shandler lmao

  • clark dulay
    clark dulay

    U leak a code

  • idk idk
    idk idk

    When socks is running out of ideas:

  • Gamer 123
    Gamer 123

    Oldest book in the trick -Socksfor1 2021

  • Tyrannotitan

    Mrbeast is the Elon musk of RSloft

  • oil ooy8
    oil ooy8

    Dream smp plus sock smp = chaos

  • Nobody

    13:23 "they always will fall for the easiest book in the trick" ~Socks2021

  • Jose 1234
    Jose 1234

    You’re the best you tuber

  • Jose 1234
    Jose 1234

    The best socks for one I amBest RSloft or ever met


    Is socks best(yes he is)


      F ffffffffff all the fs



  • Munira Pete
    Munira Pete

    why doesnt youtube want me to sub to socks literally i subbed so many times but i look and im not subbed

  • is yellow sus or red sus
    is yellow sus or red sus



    Laser-eye Karl. Wow. You big brain

  • flÆshfire

    Damn mods are getting good

  • Nicole Nedelko
    Nicole Nedelko

    0:52 he does something really special. Does he poop?

  • The killerkatt
    The killerkatt

    Wait a fourteen year old has a child........

  • Darkdragon_ XD
    Darkdragon_ XD

    The zeros and ones -socksfor1 AAAAAAAAAAAAA -nadwe

  • puginorange19

    the video starting picture is from ssundee

  • ZoDiAc iS mE
    ZoDiAc iS mE

    chandler now: I finally feel special...

  • Eggo

    I thought Chandler would throw cheeseballs

  • Rafael Figeroa
    Rafael Figeroa

    Meme god is a veagan

  • Pavlo Demchenko
    Pavlo Demchenko

    Today we are destroying a airship and buying them a new one and killing the crew and not buying them a new one - Mr Beast

  • Harrison Dean
    Harrison Dean

    What has our world come to

  • Kristina Jurišić
    Kristina Jurišić

    :/ :\

  • Sunshot


  • Boxer Beater
    Boxer Beater

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh meme god

  • Toby Proffit
    Toby Proffit

    Except it’s a deadly trap! Mr beast: And I took that personally...