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  • Adam Chmielewski
    Adam Chmielewski

    Do more among us

  • Gigglfart

    Wow is this game on a iPad?

  • William Fitzgerald
    William Fitzgerald

    Try to survive a hundred days in RLMinecraft

  • zapper_ leaf_X0
    zapper_ leaf_X0

    that is too wild

  • Gianni Canzurlo
    Gianni Canzurlo

    Please go to 2000 days Maybe 3000 days maybe 4000 days maybe 5000 days or 6000 days

  • عيالي jassem
    عيالي jassem

    Socksfor1 the music is cool

  • Rizza Mae
    Rizza Mae

    u should play speiciman zero or speiceman zero i think u can play it on mobile i dont know if u can play on pc but u can try :>

    • Rizza Mae
      Rizza Mae

      and also its a horror game :>:>

  • BustedSockDrawer

    what ... Read more

    • BustedSockDrawer

      get trolled

  • Paulo Cabigting
    Paulo Cabigting

    I saw the clown in the house

  • Mirjam Frederik
    Mirjam Frederik

    On day 76 you sad 25 days its 24 days

  • Ana~Alada

    Donkey kong vs bowser, its the same.

  • Pooja Sharma
    Pooja Sharma

    Make among us video you forgot it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it

  • Claudia Lopes Peralta
    Claudia Lopes Peralta

    Novas cores de muro bastante você tem que chegar o amongus

  • Payton Lenderman
    Payton Lenderman

    I'm finely part of the 14 year old gang but Nadwe is gone ;-;

  • Jac Palmersheim
    Jac Palmersheim

    Hey socks are you a good artist if so then try today's sponsor kleik

  • GalaxyDino.321

    Yeah boi

  • Rosie Dreamer
    Rosie Dreamer

    Yo Socks! you should get nadwe, and play the Monika mod in Friday Night Funkin!

  • Suet ching Mun
    Suet ching Mun

    Can you do more

  • nurul huda
    nurul huda

    Please more raft now raft is update

  • IamNotRUDE BG
    IamNotRUDE BG


  • Nathalie Verschuuren
    Nathalie Verschuuren

    socks:dun dun a egirl:*megalovania sounds*

  • amazon dog
    amazon dog

    Blaza s baby is fatmemegod

  • sky line
    sky line

    Hello socks love ur contents me and my sister watch u all the time her name is rubma ;)

  • Jeffrey Beyer
    Jeffrey Beyer

    Kinda cringe how Blaza said hacker when he is actually hacking

  • mj carlos02
    mj carlos02

    One of the funniest Videos I ever watched

  • AllAboutAlicia

    6:01 yes the legendary show of our childhood.

  • TA_Rango

    Idk who the f disliked but like I never have seen him being so sad he’s such a great person

  • Oofie Guy (Big'ol Offie)
    Oofie Guy (Big'ol Offie)

    U can make sticks using bamboo

  • Milky

    Where is tbh from

  • hasher mehmood
    hasher mehmood

    6:14 socks minecraft was not even made in 2005

  • Fortnitegamer

    The training monarch sucks tell that to tbh

  • Sticky Namkcits
    Sticky Namkcits

    Laff is not a big fella... He is a chick a fella.

  • Amin Ashraf
    Amin Ashraf

    4:23 xDDDD

  • MrSRK

    Missing perfect imposter run

  • Jeniffer Guama
    Jeniffer Guama

    Start making among us vids agaiin

  • Cherry cereal man
    Cherry cereal man

    "This is the final update forever" A R E Y O U S U R E A B O U T T H A T ?

  • Moose guy
    Moose guy

    Is subnatica free

  • mindor kattepus
    mindor kattepus

    Editor: how many sound effects do you want Socks: yes

  • Formal Eggplant
    Formal Eggplant

    wait this is the same theme as your socksreact video

  • Gabriel Kasak
    Gabriel Kasak

    Lololololol blaze

  • ViviPlayz

    Yay I'm latest person

  • Kenneth Cantanero
    Kenneth Cantanero

    Krew played this like 2 years ago long times

  • Shimo Plays
    Shimo Plays

    Before you watch this hide n seek video u already watched preston's

  • 1978azlina

    use name sire sorol

  • 1978azlina

    im imposter ♾

  • Intellectual Experience
    Intellectual Experience

    you have a wet suit on so the water makes you warm, idiot

  • Arshita Medhi
    Arshita Medhi


  • Alejah exercise Rose
    Alejah exercise Rose

    Watch coments to crafting soo it will show you how to craft bedrock

  • PurpleLioness 83
    PurpleLioness 83

    I have a video idea how about [pauses for effect] 100 days in minecraft pixelmon

  • Nethanel Audre Budano
    Nethanel Audre Budano

    Hmmmmm i see no ally content im getting angry socks:(

  • Γιωργος μπογρης
    Γιωργος μπογρης

    10:06 did he just pick up an egg while flying?

  • Penguin King
    Penguin King

    2:37 "*eww I don't want this.*"

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee

    I thought the final boss will be The chaos dragon!!!

  • Al Francis Sarmiento
    Al Francis Sarmiento


  • Alejah exercise Rose
    Alejah exercise Rose

    If the sheep's not eating the grass so you bownmeal under the sheep for four times

  • Galib Ahmed
    Galib Ahmed

    Is that clown a mob or a player?

  • Vepatj

    Can you do Minecraft Bedrock

  • Imthe Bizniz
    Imthe Bizniz

    Anyone notice the stick man on the board at the start???

  • Game shiro
    Game shiro

    hey socks ur minecraft server is kinda L word

  • Kusumasai Pedireddy
    Kusumasai Pedireddy


  • Edi Purwanto
    Edi Purwanto

    Bang bisa basa indonesa


    what does laf not hlave well that is a brain lol

  • Tim Berg
    Tim Berg

    5:07 he spent a lot of days in the nether

  • Minecraftgamer29hero

    You can drink the milk to get rid of the bad Oman

  • Hippo Anonymous
    Hippo Anonymous

    4:00 are my ears wrong or did blaza say-

  • Romik Gurung
    Romik Gurung

    Socksfor1 Is da best

  • jinoj cheeran chinnan
    jinoj cheeran chinnan

    Nice socksfor1 you uploaded a video of a dog eat food xray now you troll in Minecraft with xray bruh

  • LAMAR Sameh
    LAMAR Sameh

    I have bad internet connection soo i m trying to watch because i my internet is over so it's hard to watch you

  • •-•

    Did you already make a minecraft manhunt where you only die twice but with any mod you may like.

  • Slave Nikolov
    Slave Nikolov

    HEY socks what happened whit your Other channel? Socks after dark?

  • Andrew Jordan
    Andrew Jordan


  • Andrew Jordan
    Andrew Jordan


  • geinter _44
    geinter _44

    On what Server are you playing?